What Do You Eat? Don’t Be Stupid Like This Guy

by David

I was reading a leading men’s fitness magazine yesterday and got to the readers letter section, I like reading these it’s very similar to my daily email reading that I receive from you Lean Muscle bloggers.

Anyway this one letter caught my eye and also made me shake my head in disbelief, this guy is in his mid-twenties, starts off saying he has been working out for years and wants to add more muscle mass.

He then goes on to describe his daily food intake and asks the magazines resident nutrition expert if his diet is ok… You guys want to know what he eats, you want to now it’s got me blogging on this subject?

Even Now as I Write this I’m Shaking My Head in Disbelief… Ok here goes!


One cup of oats with water.


Grilled chicken and sweet potatoes.


A protein shake…. And that is it, seriously you have been working out for years, you want to build more muscle and your writing in to a leading magazine with a question that dumb?

Who knows maybe the magazine writes fake letters to fill in the pages or maybe this guy is for real, but take another look at that pathetic attempt at a muscle building diet.

My four year old boy eats a bigger Breakfast than that (and within an hour is asking for more food) oats alone isn’t a filler, why not add some fruit or mix it up and eat some meat on certain days, a few eggs or even add a protein shake?

Lunch seems pretty good to be fair though we don’t know the portion sizes but at least he seems to be on the right track, maybe could add a load of green veg to the plate for some good carbs and fibre.

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As for Dinner!!! Jeez…Is this Guy for Real?

A protein shake, my god word can’t describe how incredible this is, NO ONE SHOULD EVER, EVER SUBSTITUTE A MEAL FOR A BLOODY PROTEIN SHAKE!!!

By all mean take your shakes if you like them and think they work for you, I have them myself after every workout and most mornings, but a meal replacement seriously, someone give this guy a good hard slap round the back of his head, wake his brain cells up a bit!

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You’re not eating the muscle building foods you won’t pack it on, simple as that. Because if you don’t eat enough and keep lifting heavy weights you may fall prey to subscapularis tear. This is a type of inner muscle tear. You should look it up on the internet and make your muscles stronger to avoid it.

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