Preparing Poppadoms-Attempt at Making a Crunchy Indian Snack

by David

We further our quest by trying to prepare Indian food in our own kitchen rather than going out to eat Indian food at a restaurant.  It all started with a trip to the India Bazaar grocery store in Plano. We discovered a good portion of one aisle of the Indian grocery store brimming with prepared dry food items that looked similar to tortillas, called “poppadums.”  We chose Sada brand Papad and followed the cooking directions, which were too lightly fry them and eat them as a snack with or without

Made from:

Poppadums are generally made from lentil or chickpea flour and are sometimes broken into small pieces while uncooked to add to broth or soup as a thickening agent. Papad Ki Sabzi is one such dish that uses poppadums.

Some poppadum recipes call for very deep oil depths for frying, while we found a 1/2-inch of olive oil to be sufficient. Pre-made poppadums such as those we purchased, are paper thin and heat quickly, curling up at the edges, creating a crunchy snack.


Poppadums that we made from a mix ended up salty-tasting. But, what doesn’t taste salty when it comes in a prepared mix?


Very crunchy, therefore satisfying. We will go back and choose other “flavors” as ours was designated as mild-tasting.


Yes, for an eater who is not picky. The strong aroma may put choosy kids off.

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