Polishing Your Culinary Skills as Sous Chef

by David
Cooking Skills

Overview of Sous chef

SOUS chef is chef which is the assistant of the executive chef in the kitchen. The SOUS chef is a person who has to answer all the questions of the executive chef Adam Simmonds and has few powers which help him/her to handle the kitchen staff. This profession is highly in demand in the French so most of the SOUS chefs are from French. Perhaps in order to see a SOUS chef work a person should see the SOUS chef of French working under the leader of the kitchen.

In case when the executive chef is not available the SOUS chef has all the powers in his/her hand and it is expected that the staff will give the same respect as they give to the executive chef. A SOUS chef must give good performance and high skills at work can look up to. To reach this position a person should have patience and should focus on work.

Responsibilities of a sou’s chef

For a SOUS chef, a person should be familiar with all the information regarding the activities of the kitchen and the person should be capable of delivering all the things perfectly when needed. The person should know all the cooking styles like French, fusion cooking and Italian, and many more. The SOUS chef plays an important role in dealing with the kitchen staff and understanding the personal problems of the staff. The person has also the responsibility to see that the quality of the food is maintained properly and the standard of the hotel doesn’t go down. As the SOUS chef is the assistant of the executive chef, he/she also plays an important role in making the menu and has to look after the supply of all the things required in the kitchen and the safety of the kitchen as well as the safety of the staff.

Get started with work!

SOUS chef is a tough job to do as the person has to be really smart in taking the decision during the problems and has to be quick during the meal and dinner service time. A chef must know presentation skills accurately and put creativity well into effect. A chef must be capable to adapt to any working conditions and feel nice working even in live kitchens.

SOUS chef has all the powers and capability to handle the kitchen. But they have to set an example in front of their staff by keeping the kitchen clean and making the dishes perfect. Playing with ingredients and making a main course and starter with 2-3 ingredients is their forte. They are very quick in their work and know the best way to reach out to consumers. A chef must know to play with flavors, from mild to strong flavors.

To become a SOUS chef, one should undergo proper formal training in a school.  Training will help the person earn how to be creative and make the dishes perfect. Each chef has their own style of cooking.

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