Academy Awards Night Cocktails and Trivia Quiz

by David

A frothy punch, a sip of sherry, a dash of bitters.

Cocktail Trivia Quiz

Cocktails are prominent in many films and some plots revolve around drinking establishments, most often a seedy dive frequented by lovable and not so lovable characters.

Can you think of several drinking films with these hints?

1) Jack Lemmon leads wife Lee Remick into a life of drink.

2) Ray Milland invites viewers along on a four-day bender.

3) A straitlaced guy has one too many in this silent feature.

4) A drunken British diplomat self-destructs in 1930’s Mexico.

5) Jack Nicholson belatedly fesses up to dropping the baby while he was inebriated.

6) Jackie Chan utilizes an interesting style of Kung Fu.

7) Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway tie them on at an LA dive.

8) Barkeep Tom Arnold comments on his customers’ woes.

9) Tom Cruise turns from scientology to mixology.

10) Dancing on the bar reaches heights of glory.

11) Five friends reunite at a New Jersey dive.

12) Steve Buscemi concludes he’s a born loser while drowning his sorrows at his haunt, a New Jersey tavern.

13) Mel Gibson and restaurant owner Michelle Pfeiffer share misadventures.

14) Misfits wander into a depression era San Francisco dive and leave a little better for it in this adaptation of a William Saroyan play.

15) It’s Four Beers and a Funeral when friends get together to drink following the suicide of their friend.

16) Two guys struggle to make a go at running a neighborhood bar.

17) Two men visit California’s “other” wine country.

Can You Identify These Famous Snippets of Spirited Dialogue?

1) “Vodka martini, shaken not stirred.”

2) “He’s dragged me into every gin mill on the block.”

3) “Waiter bring me five more martinis,” says a charming woman who is trying to keep up with her husband who has already downed six.

4) “Let’s get something to eat. I’m thirsty.”

5) He’ll water his garden with Champagne before he let the Germans drink it.


1) Days of Wine and Roses

2) Lost Weekend

3) The Sins of Harold Diddlebock

4) Under the Volcano

5) Ironweed

6) The Drunken Master series

7) Barfly

8) Barhopping

9) Cocktail

10) Coyote Ugly

11) Last Call

12) Tree’s Lounge

13) Tequila Sunrise

14) The Time of Our Lives

15) Drinking

16) The Tavern

17) Sideways

  • The James Bond Series
  • Nora Charles talking about her pooch Asta in The Thin Man
  • Nora Charles trying to keep up with her husband Nick in The Thin Man
  • Nick Charles talking to his wife Nora in After the Thin Man
  • Rick to Ilsa in Casablanca.

And now for a couple of cocktails to drink while watching the awards. Without in any way commenting on who I think is going to win, I will use Lincoln as my inspiration.

Simple sherry with a dash of bitters was a common tipple in Civil War Era America. Or try Mary Todd Lincoln’s Champagne Punch served at her husband’s inauguration. 3 parts Champagne ( you can use any white sparkling, although, of course, there was no California bubbly then. The preferred Champagne for the White House was Veuve-Cliquot. 2 parts Sauternes ( you can use any sweetish white wine) 3 parts sparkling water Curacao to taste, or you can use Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec You can add raspberries or strawberries if you wish. Voila! A light fruity beverage that is low enough in alcohol to drink throughout the awards without getting sloshed.

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